Executive Summary

Kompetenz für Morgen

Membangun Aceh dengan Pengetahuan (MAnn) is a company that focuses entirely on the business of non-construction service providers, consulting and training services. MAnn with all the resources it has to provide services to individuals, households, community organizations, corporations, and governments in improving human resource capacity and organizational / institutional structure capacity in carrying out daily activities both commercially and non-commercially. In addition, MAnn is ready to assist business entities, foundations (nonprofit organizations), and governments to turn an idea into a program that is purposeful and measurable.
MAnn business concept has been built since 2010 in Germany. However, its implementation only became a reality in early 2012 with the extraordinary cooperation, support and assistance from foreign alumni from Aceh.
MAnn up to now has provided his services both in the form of consultancy and business assistance to several companies, making work programs for the city government and also including non-profit institutions.
With its increasing and wide-ranging activities, MAnn transforms itself into a business entity that is notarial. For start-ups, the Commanditaire Vennontschap (CV) partnership is the right choice. In developing the company’s potential MAnn also cooperates with several companies, including MTC, MTI, and KGE. MTC (MAnn Total Consultant) is a company engaged in the field of consultants, both physical and non-physical and Training. MTI (MAnn Telco Indonesia) is a company engaged in telecommunications (Tower). While KGE (Kuala Gruentech Energia) is engaged in Energy.
MAnn has so far gained the experience of work gained with networking and mouth-to-mouth marketing methods. Now MAnn in progress of web-based marketing work in hopes of many opportunities to become a meeting place of experts with work. So as to facilitate employers to achieve quality results.
For work management, MAnn consistently performs good work planning and management and implements Good Corporate Governance. GCG is supported by the application of Web-based Management Information Systems and Computers. So every decision and execution is the result of solid teamwork work, rigorous job evaluation, and fast. Until now the work of MAnn has a good quality of work and achieve the expected benefits.

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